A Walk in the Wood – Night Table Gem

“Working with mindfulness to overcome negative attitudes and believe in yourself is a journey, not a quick fix. It is simple, but not easy. In the process, it’s important that you not reject or throw away qualities of your personality, even ones you think you don’t like. Instead, find a way to use them to open up to a bigger world.” – Dr. Joseph Parent

What’s not to love about this Disney edition book for adults?

A Walk in the Wood by brother-and-sister team Dr. Joseph Parent and Nancy Parent is the kind of book you hold carefully. You turn the pages gently. You take care of it as it takes care of you.

A red ribbon holds your place, matching the shirt worn by a Bear Named Pooh, who wasn’t originally Disney’s creation but is who we think of when we hear Winnie The Pooh these days.

The cover has a matte finish with raised letters and the pages are like linen, with illustrations that are perfectly minimalist in black, white and red. It’s a small book in both length and size, which makes it perfect for those last moments before you go to sleep.

It is a book of journeying and storytelling, some old and some new.

With chapter headings like “Mindful and Kind” and “Taming Your Mind” it might not surprise you to know that the subtitle is, “Meditations on Mindfulness with a Bear Named Pooh”.

With a title that includes the word “Wood,” I had hoped for a journey into the woods. I wasn’t disappointed. As the inside cover says so well, “There is a growing acknowledgment of the benefits of deeply experiencing nature. The calming quality of sounds like running water and rustling leaves, the soothing properties of smells like lavender and chamomile, and the emotional comfort of beautiful, natural vistas are well-known.”

*Ah, bliss!*

This is a book about being… in the moment, through meditative reading and experiencing.

It also does something most other books about meditation DO NOT: It propels us back to a time when the hustle-and-bustle of adult life weren’t yet on our radar.

For me, I hear my mother’s voice. To be honest, I think she read the books as much for herself as for my sister and me! She is (you will not be surprised about this, either!) the one who told me about this book. Yep, it’s a Mom’s Pick!

Everything about this book is … oh, I don’t know … almost … etherial. There is something so profoundly lovely and comforting in its pages. I mean, there’s a section on Forest Bathing. Good grief, I can’t wait for spring and warmer temps so I can get out safely and find a forest clearing that’s all my own. We are surrounded by water… and forests… I mean, could it be any more perfect?

I’m going to put this book next to my side of the bed and it will stay there for reading and re-reading and holding gently to my heart, just because. That’s the kind of book this is!

I wish I could stop and read it to you. Next best thing? One of the authors! This is part one of several… so feel free to carry on and listen to the whole thing! Still, buy the book as a keepsake… to remind you to JUST BE.


  1. So much depth and soul woven into the simplicity of this little gem of a book, and you captured its essence so beautifully in your review. If I hadn’t read it already, I’d be running out to buy it this very minute! ❤

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