Amethyst – Reminds me of my mama

My mom came across a questionnaire that asks you to distill your description of a person down to one word. I didn’t hesitate to tell her that the word I think of for her is “Amethyst”. After all, this past year on Mother’s Day, I wrote a post about it (and her) called, “Amethyst Caves“.

The color purple always reminds me of Mom, possibly because she loves it so much! And, why not? it is the color of Royalty, Leadership, Destiny, Empowerment, and Energy (I should link another of our fave books here – Mom’s and mine – Your Life in Color by Dougall Fraser – as he has dedicated an entire chapter on Purple!).

Yep, Mom is the embodiment of all these things!

Fun Fact: I used to dislike all the purples. Intensely. I’m not sure why, either. Maybe I was kicked to death by a Purple People Eater in a previous life. <<< Haha! I also brought in my fear of shoes. Yep, when I was a kid, I was actually deathly afraid of boots and shoes that tied up, like Santa’s or The Wicked Witch of the West. <<< Further digression… I was probably the only kid in the neighborhood who was more afraid of her shoes than the flying monkeys! <<< And yet, a further digression within a digression… the movie used to be on once a year when I was a kid and everyone waited for it! To usher in the movie, there was this toothpaste commercial of Margaret Hamilton (the original WWOTW) riding on a tube. That commercial scared me *almost* as much as her shoes. I was afraid to brush my teeth!!


One of my least favorite colors was in the same purple family… Lavender. The scent and flowers were nice, of course. But to wear? Hated it! I felt like an old lady or a fluffy, bruised silo. Blech.

However, Mom had this fab (and kinda huge) raw amethyst crystal that looked like it was pulled straight from a cave. It was (and is) stunning! And, it grew on me. The color, I mean.

Later in life, my appreciation for the color grew!

(And, PS: With my gray hair, it also looks much better on me, too!)

It’s now become one of my most favorite colors to surround myself with… very calming, too!

Here’s more about the lovely Amethyst:

  • Found in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Western Australia and Morocco
  • Said to attract justice and protect against burglers and thieves
  • Wards off danger and violent death
  • A powerful protector, purifier, and natural tranquilizer
  • Helps heal nervous headaches (inc. migraines!) swellings, insect bites and acne
  • Placed under one’s pillow, it prevents nightmares
  • High to exceptionally high frequency
  • Chakra – third eye, crown
  • Provides balance
  • Stone of the mind and sober reflection

An interesting tidbit: There was a common belief that amethysts could prevent the worst effects of too much alcohol, and thus derived its name from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not drunken”.

All info above is an amalgamation of my research in…

  1. The book that came with my crystal wisdom healing oracle cards
  2. Healing Crystals and Gemstones
  3. The Crystal Healing Bible

So yeah, this post is dedicated to my Mom, who will always be an amethyst to me!

A couple of sites with much more info about amethysts –

Amethyst: The most popular purple gem

Amethyst Crystals Spiritual Meaning


  1. Thanks for the lovely tribute, Sherry! Not sure I’ll ever embody all those special amethyst qualities, but I love the sense of peace and tranquility this beautiful crystal geode brings to my life.

    Liked by 1 person

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