Shane’s Dream – The Campfire

We’re in the “nesting” phase of our training at work now. It’s six weeks surrounded by people who will help us through the rough patches of the new job. There are so many things to love about this place!

I sit next to two wonderful young men… or at least, I did until today when they moved one of them two rows away. Chloe now sits where Mike used to sit, to my right. But I digress.

Shane sits on the other side of me. He’s a cute, young guy… and I’m not good at guessing ages but I’d guess he’s in his late twenties, early thirties? (Note: Everyone is the same age in my mind… maybe because I see souls instead of wrinkles. But I digress again.)

We’ve known each other for nearly four weeks, which isn’t very long. We’ve talked a lot over the last week or so… you know, since we’ve been seated right next to each other. We’re really quite alike in temperament and personality. But still, it’s a new work buddy-ship. So, you might imagine how surprising our conversation this morning seemed…

Shane: This may seem weird and I wasn’t sure I should tell you but I’ve decided I should. 

Me: Oh-kay. 

He: I had a dream about you last night. 

Me: Really?

He: Don’t think I’m weird…

Me: I won’t! Tell me, please!

He: You were telling stories to a group of people around a campfire. They were smiling and their faces were all brightly lit. I was watching from outside the group, looking at you and at their faces. That’s it.

Me: OMG! What a cool dream! I love telling stories. I write a blog, you know. And the thought that people would be lit up while I tell my stories is beautiful! THANK YOU for sharing that with me!

What I didn’t say but realized later is how much the idea of “community” appeals to me. A campfire feels communal… all sharing an experience, you know? Much like a workplace, actually.

And also, my grandparents took my sister and me camping every summer when we were kids… I’ve talked about it somewhere around here. The smell of a campfire takes me right back to those lazy, wonderful days surrounded by their love… and yummy food… and fish (my grandfather loved to fish!)… and a boy named Steve. I met him one year when he was there with his grandparents. When we came back the next year, there he was again. I was a little in love with him… in the way you love boys when you’re twelve.

But, anyway… those lit faces around the fire… the way Shane said it made me wonder… was it from the light of the fire, or… from my stories? Maybe both!

It was just… so neat!

This isn’t a long post and it doesn’t need to be. The loveliness of Shane’s dream is bigger than anything else I could say here.

Thank you for sharing it with me, Shane… and for allowing me to share it.


  1. What a lovely story, Sherry! Old souls always seem to recognize each other, so it’s not surprising that you and he are “work buddies!” ❤

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