The Dreaming I – Another “Mom’s Pick”

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If Heather can have a pick, my mom sure-as-heck should, too! She finds the best books! So, a preemptive Thanks, Mom!

The Dreaming I by Kezia Vida was a gift from my mother, though I can’t find it on right now so I linked Not sure what’s up about that… but I digress (yes, Ana, so early on!).

If you’re serious about Dream Work – and you know I am! – then this book beats ALL OTHERS in helping you to work through and interpret your nighttime dramas.

Don’t get me wrong… all those dictionary dream books will be needed, too… but the real meat and potatoes of dreaming will be determined by the work you do outside of someone else’s interpretation.

This comes up today because I was smack in the middle of interpreting a series of dreams I had. You may remember my “Lost Dreams

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