Remember this one? – Own It!

Tabatha Coffey is a force of nature… and a force to be reckoned with! She is statuesque, beautiful and bitchier than Alexis Carrington (Colby). Also, she’s fabulous!

I first saw her on the television show Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo.

Before I go further, I should say that my husband and I are both passive people (until we’re not – but that is a story for another day) and are drawn to people who are headstrong and mouthy.

Wait, I should correct that. I used to be different. My late (first) husband (David) told me that one of the reasons he married me was because I would say what he wanted to say to people. The first time it happened, he was so impressed, he didn’t stop talking about it for more than a decade. We’d gone to a party and the hosts (a couple) left us out in the living room while they drank and whooped it up playing cards with another couple in the kitchen.

I said to David and our friend Debbie, “Ya know what? We’re not wanted here.” Debbie shrugged and David said, “I know, but what can we do?” I answered, “This. Watch me.”

I went out to the kitchen and said, “If you didn’t want us here, why did you invite us?” to which they answered, “As a favor to your friend Debbie.” I can still see them, looking over their hands of cards… annoyed, not bothering to move or apologize for hurting our feelings. It was an awkward moment, to be sure.

“Well then,” I said. “We’ll be going now.” And I left. David and Debbie followed. And thanked me!

But somewhere along the way, I lost the energy or desire to stick up for myself. I could stick up for others… like my children… but even then, eventually, I stopped being a bulldog. I was… a bunny?

My oldest daughter once said, “I want my mom back”… because I had worked so hard for her and her brother (who was born with special needs) to have the education and assistance they needed.

Maybe it was the divorce, or living with 3 teenagers, or pre-menopause… or maybe just that my ego took a few bruisings. I just backed off. From everything. One thing was sure… this being nice (at all costs) thing became a habit.

My current (second and forever) husband (Richard) was never like that… he’s always been a lover, not a fighter.

So, my husband and I have enjoyed living vicariously through a few “Reality” style shows that feature strong personalities who tell it like it is. There’s Judge Judy, of course – and yes, I have a book by Judy Sheindlin that will be discussed at a later date. Another was Bar Rescue and then there was Tabatha Takes Over.

Coffey’s book is written as a guidebook to become the “boss of your life – at home and in the workplace.” Any-and-all will benefit from her business-savvy, common-sense and knowledge. There are case studies and “Mind Your Own Business” exercises created to bring about change in your business and in you. If you need to find your own voice, it’s the kind of book to get you there!

Originally posted by me on Nov 20, 2017

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