Dougall Fraser – Color YOUR World

My mom suggested I meet Dougall Fraser through his memoir titled, “But You Knew That Already“. I added his book Your Life in Color on my own. Let me just say … they fit perfectly together!

There aren’t many 6’6″ baby-faced, funny, gay psychics who also see and interpret colors out there… at least I don’t think so… so this guy is kind of special.

In But You Knew That Already we meet a sweet and vulnerable 20-year-old man (in 2005) who struggles with his weight, sexuality, direction in life, and psychic abilities.

We learn about his long and winding journey to psychic fandom and finding the love of his life, not to be confused with finding love for himself, which included the realization that he is gay, coming out to friends and family, and losing weight.

Slight digression about Fraser’s weight loss: Shedding other’s beliefs about who he was allowed him “let go” of the weight. He said it just fell off without trying. I found this both interesting and maddening… and wondered, yet again, if there’s something I’m holding onto? Ugh. A whisperer’s work is never done, it seems. I still have some learning to do!

In a book full of fascinating stories, I found Fraser’s dip into the Psychic Friends Network and other “phone-in” psychics *really* piqued my curiosity. Never fear fellow lookie-loos, he goes there!

Also, Fraser sees things through a humorous lens, like me, which is why my mom recommended it in the first place. She knew I’d love his storytelling… and I did.

The second book, Your Life in Color was written 12 years later and I found myself wondering why it took so long? The energy of color was touched-on in the memoir and I wanted more. Glad I had it at my fingertips! But for those who read his memoir and had to wait more than a decade to get the deeper interpretations, it was probably a little disappointing.

The book delves into activation and the deeper meanings of white, gold, silver, blue, emerald green, purple, ruby red, orange, pink and mint green.

The really neat thing about the second book is that Fraser is in his mid-thirties and has learned a thing or two. Maturity naturally adds another layer and I appreciate that.

Fraser’s goal in the second book is to share his tools of self-improvement by utilizing color in ways that will lift your situation – and YOU – up!

While *he* may see a glow of color after hearing someone’s voice, that will probably not be your experience … it certainly isn’t mine … so we will need some assistance. This book is fantastic for that, as it leads us through activation (physical and spiritual) exercises, affirmations, meditations, and even a trip to the shadow side of colors. <<< I love this! If you DISlike certain colors, you need to look at the possibility that you need to see what positive qualities of that color you’re missing out on.

Let me give you an example: I have a love/hate relationship with the color gold. When I was young, with my auburn hair and brown eyes, I loved how I looked in the color gold – in fact, all the earth tones.

As a teenager in the 1970s, I was in my element as everyone was diggin’ on gold. I had the most beautiful gold bedroom walls, which bathed everything in muted, golden light. A beautiful bougainvillaea bush grew outside the only window in my room, and these utterly cool rust and gold curtains with fringe let dappled light into the room no matter what time of day it was. The whole ambiance was… well… golden… and incredibly beautiful. I wish I could show you… I simply am not doing it justice. That room was my oasis in a sea of teenaged angst.

Anyway… I loved gold. Loved. it.

Then, sometime later, I started navigating away from gold into silvers. Through the 80s into the 90s, I had almost exclusively silver jewelry (except my wedding rings) and gold seemed as dated as I felt wearing it. Since moving to Canada, losing my perpetual California tan (which wasn’t *that* dark but compared to now? Positively golden!) and going gray, I all-but forgot how much I once loved the color gold.

Okay, so… what does that say about me?

Gold is the color of independence and intelligence, goal-setting and higher thought.

The shadow side of gold is selfishness and being socially unapproachable.

Fraser brings up terms like, “The Gold Standard” and “Golden Years of our lives” and more… all indicating a positive force.

The gold affirmation is: I am powerful and stand in my own light.

The shadow side speaks to loneliness and an inability to connect with others.


I also want to add that I’m giving a *very* abbreviated explanation. The chapters are fully-formed and filled with good stuff.

Ahem. Now where was I? Oh yes…

I could visit silver and see how I fare there… but I don’t want to give away so much that you won’t get the book yourself. Suffice it to say that I see myself there, too… and what is interesting (I think) is that it resonates more deeply for me at a psychological/ spiritual level but dang, I don’t like it around me – like on the walls. Ick. It feels institutional!

Slight digression: You’ll notice that colors like yellow and grey are not there but are kinda like gold and silver… I suspect that’s intentional. I mean, why “mint green” and not “sky blue”? I combed through the book to figure it out… and I couldn’t. Does it mean anything? Not sure. Ahem. Anyway.

In fact, many different colors resonate for me. But you know how it is… some reach out to you. Some, you simply don’t like and try to stay away from… why? Maybe it’s about something you’ll read in this book. THAT is the kind of thing you’ll find out!

And it’s FUN!! As Fraser says, “Harnessing the power of color can work for anyone. […] Every lesson I share in this book has been tested and found to be effective by numerous clients and in my own personal experience.

This book is a wonderful addition to any self-help bookshelf. His memoir is a welcome addition, as well!


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